Positive Reflection Ministries mission
is to provide resources that make positive
sustainable changes to improve education and
services that help families, schools, and

Our Vision:

"To be the Point of Contact enhancing the quality of life for others."

Positive Reflection Ministries (PRM) is an organization dedicated to serving God's people. In 1997, Founder/Executive Director Re'Gine Green received a mandate from God that instructed her to "Bless My People." Immediately, Green begun sowing love, kindness, and faith throughout the city of Dallas with care packages and mustard seeds of "faith".


Today, PRM continues to carry the same passion for outreach through educational programs and services. Through donations and partnerships with businesses, organizations, and churches, we have become a "Point of Contact" assisting with utilities, hunger relief, resources/referrals, and more.

PRM is a recognized tax-exempt 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.


Point of Contact "Be One"

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